Sunday, September 29, 2013

Learning German-2

So the month is ending and I took the test again - now I had a success and reached level B2.

So this is what did I do to improve me German:

  • Went through ten lessons for B2 in Deutsche Welle (for both reading and listening practice);
  • Practiced the grammar topics with which I had problems earlier;
  • Wrote several posts in the language exchange sites and got them corrected.

For now I am satisfied with my knowledge of German. I'll continue to practice it from time to time - by reading articles and writing posts in the language exchange sites.
Now I'll take a rest and then return to studying Japanese. Can't wait for it :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Learning German/Deutsch studieren

So I have been studying German for 3 weeks using the site Duolingo (if you are interested, you can see my profile here).
And then I decided to test myself. There is a great website Deutsche Welle, where you can read German news and learn German language. And you can take a test there, which is based on the CEFR. I took a test for the B1 level and received 72%, then I tried B2 level but received only 50%.
So I can say that my level of German is between intermediate and upper intermediate now.
I suppose it isn't bad, but I want to challenge myself - by the end of the month I'll try to reach the B2 level. So ahead of me are 10 days of intense and fun (as I hope) studying.


Ich habe Deutsch dieser Monst studiert in Duolingo (Sie können mein Profil hier sehen).
Und heute mochte ich mich prüfen. Es gibt eine gute Website Deutsche Welle - Man kann hier die Nachrichten lesen und Deutsch lernen. Und Man kann hier ein Test machen. Der Test ist auf CEFR basiert. Ich erhaltet 72% auf der B1 Ebene und 50% aud der B2 Ebene.
So bin ich zwischen Mittelmaß und gutes Mittelmaß.
Das ist nicht schlecht aber ich mochte mich herausfordern - Ich mochte B2 Ebene bis Oktober erreichen.
Ich habe nun 10 Tagen des Lernens, ich hoffe das macht Spaß.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


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