Saturday, October 19, 2013

Learning Japanese again

So after 3-4 months break I learn Japanese again.
Well it's not that I completely dropped Japanese for these months: I continued reviews in Anki, I read Japanese posts in Twitter and so on, but it took me less then an hour/day - you can call this language learning, can't you?

So what am I doing now?
First of all I refresh my grammar knowledge and improve it.

In a span of two weeks I went through all the lessons in this wonderful site:

These lessons provide a detailed information about many grammar points and give many examples, often in a form of dialogues. What I really liked are cultural notes about Japan, they were really interesting.
Also the site gives possibility to learn kana, kanji and vocabulary, but I personally prefer to use other resources for this.
And why two weeks? Because there is a free trial for 14 days :) In these two weeks I took the information I needed, so there was no need to use premium.

Now I use Tae Kim's grammar guide again - well, it covers most grammar, so what else could I wish for?

And now (after the time spend on learning German) I realized that grammar practice is necessary.

For practicing conjugations I use an Android App. It's not a big app, but it does what it is supposed to do - helps to train conjugations skills.

I'm still not sure how to practice more sophisticated grammar, it seems Anki is the answer.

Besides I still follow several Japanese in Twitter and read their posts. Recently I began listening and reading easy Japanese news.

To increase immersion recently I even changed the language of my browser and the language on my tablet to Japanese. But I can bring myself to change the language on my PC to Japanese yet :)

I think I'll spend around a month on grammar.

Then I'll try writing in Japanese on lang-8 and reading manga or something more difficult than manga.