Sunday, January 11, 2015

Learning Spanish - week 6

This week I also practiced Spanish mostly by reading parallel texts while listening to audio.
I found a good site with several ready to use parallel texts with audio. It's a pity that only beginner and intermediate texts have audio. Nevertheless they are quite useful.
Also after acquiring some foundation and immersion I decided to try something more challenging. So I found the Spanish text of "La sombra del viento" and it's English translation (The Shadow of the Wind) as well as Spanish audio-book. This novel is a worldwide bestseller. It's quite big for a language learner - ~300 paged and 19+ hours of audio. But the more the better :)
As of now I went through the first third of the book. Naturally at first it was quite difficult, but the process is becoming more smooth and now I'm beginning to enjoy the book. This way of learning is quite fun.

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